"Do what you love for those who love what you do."

The Artist

A look at the thoughts, feelings and what makes Dan Kautz what he is today.

A Journey

Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey

I have just been doing a little wax work at my new, comfortable (air conditioned) wax work bench. I don’t think I will be calling it just wax “carving” as I am beginning to see what can be done with a little controlled wax melting. I am so pleased to see my knowledge and skills expanding. There is …so much to do and try.

I have promised myself that this blog will not be the “how to” but will concentrate on the art and the creativity. I will show the tools and the beauty I see in… Continue reading

Blog Look Updated

If you have been here before and things look a bit different, I have spent a couple of days tweaking the looks of this blog website. I thought the old one was actually quite attractive. But one thing I didn’t like was all the space the Leaf Picture was taking up on the main page. So I decided I should make some changes. I poked that leaf up into the header and made it significantly smaller.

The pages themselves are fairly similar to what they were. There are some color changes and maybe I lost a bit of the “class” of the old pages. I’ll probably do a little more tweaking until I get it exactly right. It is kind of like painting a picture. I never know when to stop and say, “It’s done!”

The menu is stretched out a bit longer with separation between the blocks that wasn’t that way on the original. It’s functional but that is what I may play with a little more. Of course change is good so I should probably just look at it for awhile longer…


An Artist Resolution for 2014

Dan At Bench

Dan At Bench

Most of my thoughts and effort the previous year (2013) have been focused on working in a much smaller scale than large heavy projects to which I have long been involved. I am getting more awkward in lifting and safely carrying things around in my workshop. I am now most comfortable when setting comfortably on my butt and working with my brain, eyes and arm and hand movement.

My days of hands-on heavy construction and contracting are behind me. That’s OK and not a concern. I am proud of what I have accomplished and am ready for… Continue reading


I think I have at last found the identity for my creative desires. It has been with me all my life as I have been chanting or at least thinking the artist mantra for what seems forever. It is the reason this web site/blog exists. There is an artist spirit inside me fighting to get out, buried in the guise of a hobbyist.

I never viewed myself until recently as a true artist. But in the naked truth, that is what lives inside me.  I think I repressed art as a true and honorable profession for myself, but I think… Continue reading

A New Begining

Welcome to Dimensional Art. This blog has been created by me, Daniel Kautz to display the results of my passion and efforts producing unique dimensional items of enduring value. Whether these items are considered art or beautiful craftsmanship, that is in the eye and mind of the beholder. I make no pretense to either, but strive to achieved both.

If you like what you see then I am pleased.

It will be awhile as I develop this blog . It will grow with time. Please post your comments. I Have opened the blog for comments so you may do that as soon as soon as you desire.

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