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Gloria’s Ring

Wife Gloria has most of the silver items I make (so far) but she needed something with her name on it. She liked the Tessa heart but I decided to do a ring. This ring is all hand carved, no machines.  A ring was the first silver I ever cast and now the is only the second ring. I should do more. :)

Kautz Tags

I had a run of bad casts trying to master the vacuum assist lost wax process. I have solved the problem. (I hope) The picture on the left is two separate Sterling silver castings I made last Sunday. As you can see they came out perfect. Happy, Happy.

The center is two tags I made using CAD, CAM and CNC. This is two separate versions as I was experimenting with the code. The owl is the family crest animal. The tags are about 1″ x 2″ x 1/8″ and each weigh  a few tenths of A gram over a troy ounce. About $17.00 of Sterling silver at today’s rate.

The last picture is just a couple of geegaws I and my daughter made. The acorn cap is my daughter’s. I think she is planning to make a glass bead for the nut part.

Celtic Trident Cross

I have created several Celtic theme silver Lost Wax Castings because they may look a bit complex, they are still rather easy to carve. I have also kept the pieces fairly large as that keeps it easy for me to hold in my hands.

This is the second carving of… Continue reading


I am referring to lost wax casting in Silver.

DSC04720It hasn’t been a year yet but it is getting close. That’s when my adult daughter and I decided to take a course on wax carving and lost wax casting. We picked the training because it is something I have dreamed of doing for many years. What a joy to take the class together.

After that exposure I knew this was something I could really enjoy with my present health, keeping my hands and mind busy and being able to work while sitting down, for the most part. I decided and… Continue reading

Casting Station


Casting Station

I haven’t posted here for awhile. That’s because I haven’t been making very many, uh… let’s say NO, artsy items for awhile. I have been busy but in other ways.

Here is the latest addition to my art studio. It’s a mobile cart where I will do (but haven’t yet) high temperature heating and melting of metals and where I can do lost wax castings using the vacuum assist method. Centrifugal casting could be an alternative but not if this process works good.

Details of the cart build can be found HERE.

I have several wax carvings ready for investing and casting. I also have a whole lot of wax projects ideas I want to start carving. I feel that I have to have the system ready for “loosing” the wax I have been carving. This is a big step to that end. I have the kiln ready and some flasks and investment material on order. Also a lots of other “bits and pieces”.

I find there is a lot of preparation and tooling required when getting fully involved in lost wax casting process from start to finished item. But I love every bit of it!

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