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Casting Station


Casting Station

I haven’t posted here for awhile. That’s because I haven’t been making very many, uh… let’s say NO, artsy items for awhile. I have been busy but in other ways.

Here is the latest addition to my art studio. It’s a mobile cart where I will do (but haven’t yet) high temperature heating and melting of metals and where I can do lost wax castings using the vacuum assist method. Centrifugal casting could be an alternative but not if this process works good.

Details of the cart build can be found HERE.

I have several wax carvings ready for investing and casting. I also have a whole lot of wax projects ideas I want to start carving. I feel that I have to have the system ready for “loosing” the wax I have been carving. This is a big step to that end. I have the kiln ready and some flasks and investment material on order. Also a lots of other “bits and pieces”.

I find there is a lot of preparation and tooling required when getting fully involved in lost wax casting process from start to finished item. But I love every bit of it!

Celtic Eternity Knot

This is the third lost wax silver casting I have made. I obtained a drawing of the Celtic Eternity Knot and transferred the lines to the wax. From there it was a lot of removal of what didn’t look like the knot. That’s what carving is all about.

It is imperative that the wax be as smooth and finished as possible. Every little flaw in the wax will become part of the silver casting.

The actual casting was done on the last night of the class my daughter and I were taking on wax carving and lost wax casting (in silver). That meant I would have to do all the silver finishing work on my own.

No problem as I enjoy doing everything there is about this process. The finished knot is a gift for my spouse, Gloria.

Lost Wax Carving and Casting

Lost Wax Cast Sterling Silver

Lost Wax Cast Sterling Silver

This is my first attempt at wax carving and lost wax casting. These were cast together in one investment. As you see it went rather well. The material is Sterling Silver. There is about a Troy ounce of silver here, about 31.1 grams.

I really enjoy the creative process and plan on doing a lot more of this. It wont make me rich but I can always aim for fame.

Christmas 2011

I created these 2011 Christmas ornaments to try some new creative processes I have never used before. First was to see if I could machine wax (the mold) with a high enough surface finish that I wouldn’t have to spend hours in finish bench work. (Success)

Next was to understand the process of resin casting multiple parts. (Success)

Third was to make something unique for Christmas 2011. (Success)

These went to all the family members. Not a tremendously wonderful gift item but I hope a keepsake ornament for the tree. I have a truly unique idea that I will probably see many others the same for next Christmas. I also plan to be casting in pewter by that time.

I think this qualifies as another contribution of Dimensional Art.

See the process HERE.

Molding and Casting


The weigh-in.

I am thinking about low temperature type of casting. That is metal temperatures under 600 degrees and suitable for RTV type mold making. Nothing cast in stone here but I suppose that is possible too. Ha! The first rule is there are no rules except for my rules. The second rule is to go back to the first rule. I am a benign dictator to myself.

This art craft includes casting toy soldiers sort of thing but I doubt I will be doing much of that. I am currently interested in pewter (lead free) and just about any… Continue reading

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