"Do what you love for those who love what you do"


I think I have at last found the identity for my creative desires. It has been with me all my life as I have been chanting or at least thinking the artist mantra for what seems forever. It is the reason this web site/blog exists. There is an artist spirit inside me fighting to get out, buried in the guise of a hobbyist.

I never viewed myself until recently as a true artist. But in the naked truth, that is what lives inside me.  I think I repressed art as a true and honorable profession for myself, but I think I have been missing the point.

Art is truly an opinion created from what is seen by the eye of the beholder. That first sentence is a metaphor. Today I believe everything created is a form of art not just what is seen by the eye. The defining what is good art is a classification by human opinion. All opinions are biased by the experience of the person making the judgment. That’s just the way it works.

Art is like a particle in quantum physics. If you try to define what or where it is, it doesn't exist or isn't there anymore. It may even be a single particle in two places at once. Ha!

Professional art critics are biased to their own taste, a point of preference but nothing more. The best advice for collectors today is to buy what you like and enjoy it. Investing for profit is another gig.

So... even what is bad art (in my opinion) is still art. I just classify it as BAD art. I can live with that.

I posted a motto at the banner on this site that sums up my feeling of creating enjoyable art and what sharing it is all about.  “Do what you love for those who love what you do.”

It is time for me to come out of the art closet and identify myself as an artist. I can make the claim. It’s up to those who love what I do to confirm I deserve the title. Let the critics be damned, full speed ahead! Aye, Capt'n


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