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An Artist Resolution for 2014

wax 2Most of my thoughts and effort the previous year (2013) have been focused on working in a much smaller scale than large heavy projects to which I have long been involved. I am getting more awkward in lifting and safely carrying things around in my workshop. I am now most comfortable when setting comfortably on my butt and working with my brain, eyes and arm and hand movement.

My days of hands-on heavy construction and contracting are behind me. That’s OK and not a concern. I am proud of what I have accomplished and am ready for new challenge wherever it leads.

I have always been a techno-nerd so now I am into working in the design and machine control arena. I love the micro machining and CNC control. I also like the 3D CAD/CAM draw-it-and-I-can-make-it ability of dimensional art software. I am not into creating pictures for viewing but rather designing three dimensional objects for machining and occasionally rendering those designs into graphic display.

I share my interest and projects by publishing them here in Dimensional Art Studio. the .org in the URL meaning organization. The definition of an organization is a non-commercial association. I have another URL also linking here which is KautzCraft.com.  The com of course is indicating a commercial intent.

When my creations are good enough and abundant I will advertise their availability for purchase.

My resolution is to not keep my “dimensional” art as a personal collection. My plan until I become more skilled and productive is to perhaps give some away as gifts.  Eventually I would like to become skilled enough that sales will keep me in supplies, and busy in mind and body making more. My second life as an artist will continue to be as good as my first one.


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