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Blog Look Updated

If you have been here before and things look a bit different, I have spent a couple of days tweaking the looks of this blog website. I thought the old one was actually quite attractive. But one thing I didn't like was all the space the Leaf Picture was taking up on the main page. So I decided I should make some changes. I poked that leaf up into the header and made it significantly smaller.

The pages themselves are fairly similar to what they were. There are some color changes and maybe I lost a bit of the "class" of the old pages. I'll probably do a little more tweaking until I get it exactly right. It is kind of like painting a picture. I never know when to stop and say, "It's done!"

The menu is stretched out a bit longer with separation between the blocks that wasn't that way on the original. It's functional but that is what I may play with a little more. Of course change is good so I should probably just look at it for awhile longer...



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