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Revisit to 3D Printing

My last post was concerned SLA type 3D printing. There is a variation to the SLA laser beam where a full frame binary B&W image is projected at full frame for each layer of the print. Two variations of this process exist. One uses a video projector and the other puts the video LCD screen up against the resin tank with a bright UV light source behind the screen.

The process is called DLP (Digital Light Processing) and creates higher resolution 3D prints than SLA and can be done in some systems at much lower equipment cost.

This has changed my mind about the affordability of high resolution 3D printing in my world of dimensional art. I made a business decision.

I have a DLP 3D printer ordered. This new printer costs about the same as two of my FMD (plastic filament printers) That does fit within my budget.

The DLP printer can produce ready-for-investment masters for lost wax casting. That is my purpose for this printer. The full frame image permits printing multiple items at the same time and no increase in printing time. One ring or 20 copies all print in exactly the same time.

I chose a low cost simple machine. Not purposed for a high production rate but absolutely suitable for the scope and amount of work I produce. It will be a great learning tool. I will also be experienced to advise others or make upgrades in this first system.

Most of my reporting on this new tool will occur in my 3D printing website: http://rd3dpds.com. Eventually I’ll post more here, when I start producing dimensional cast items.


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