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Mayan Calendar in Corian

mayacorian 1 mayacorian 2 mayacorian 3 mayacorian 4 mayacorian 5

mayacorian 6 mayacorian 7 mayacorian 8 mayacorian 9 mayacorian 10

mayacorian 11 mayacorian 12 mayacorian 13 mayacorian 14

I carved this Mayan Calendar in 1/4 inch thick Corian (brand) solid surface material. The diameter of the circle is 7-3/4 inches. The last picture was created within Vectric Aspire V2 to illustrate how the finished carving would look. I will say, no difference.

Tooling was a solid 1/4 inch  60 degree V-bit at 10, 600 RPM, feed was 50 IPM cut with 30 IPM plunge. Minimum Z depth was set to -0.20 inches but it looks like it didn't get there. The material is 0.250 inches thick.  Cut time was 1 Hour 35 minutes. That's the carving details for the fellow carvers out there.

It can be used for a wall hanging or perhaps as a table hot pad. Corian can't take high heat but a hot dish would be fine.

The primary reason I made this piece was to display and test the accuracy of the HB2 carving machine I built. This is a smaller version of the first carving I made on this machine.  The HB2 machine is mostly a PDJ design, but I made changes and details (like the spindle and stepper heat sinks) to suit myself. A picture of my machine can be seen at the bottom of the PDJ home page.

Some of the calendar pictures are close duplicates, but I couldn't decide which ones not to show. There is still some Corian material dust (the white looking deposits) in the carving and it takes a lot of work to clean it all out. The close up photography brings all those details out but it looks much better with normal hand viewing. The detail is fantastic as many of the surface lines drop right down into the deeper areas. A nice looking project.

The carving is only one part of a fully finished piece. The software design is a good sized part of the effort. The carving is interesting to watch but it is the amount of time in the detail finishing that would make this a piece of art. If this was a piece for sale, I would detail the finish, but time is money. This piece has a flaw, a little slip off the right edge -- so in my book, this is as much time as I need to spend on this example.

Not quite perfect but I hope you like what you see. I love the detail.


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