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The following information is quoted from the Vectric website, where I obtained the necessary software to create this type of picture. The software is a critical element but only one of many to create the finished item.

People are constantly looking for that 'Special gift' for a loved one, family and friends and a Lithophane or 3D picture is the perfect answer. The 3D lithophane is completely different to the usual printed photograph and is something that very few people will have seen. People are trully amazed by a lithophane that comes to life when lit from behind, and will last for generations giving untold pleasure to everyone who see's it.

What is a Lithophane?

Lithophanes are 3D photographs that when viewed in normal lighting look a little dull and lifeless. But when back lit transform into stunning 3D pictures with depth and detail that cannot be seen in a flat 2D photograph.

Lithophanes originate from a process developed back in the mid 1800's for mass producing 3D pictures in porcelain. A 3D design was hand engraved into a thin sheet of bees wax that was placed over a lighted candle to show the effect of light passing through the wax. This master design was then used to make a mold for casting designs in porcelain. Varying levels of light to pass through the porcelain depending upon the thickness

The Greek origin of lithophane work means "light in stone" or to "appear in stone".

Examples of what lithophanes were used for  include Decorative Lamp Shades and Window Panels that came to life when lit from behind and German Beer Jugs that had a translucent bases that turned into 3D pictures once the beer had been drunk. Very few of the original antique lithophanes have survived because the 3D images look crude and worthless unless held in front of a light.

For more information about lithophanes visit the The Blair Museum of Lithophanes.

Here in Dimensional Art Org you see but one example of many Lithophanes I have created. This one is small measuring about 4.5 x 6 inches. I can go much larger with my HB2 machine. The material is Corian (brand) countertop material, originally 0.25 inches thick. I put together this simple prototype lightbox as one way to display this interesting type of art.

Now that I have proven the electricals, I plan to work on larger more elaborate presentations and framing. Follow this LINK to see how a Lithophane is made.


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