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Frisco Coonskin

frisco1 2frisco

This is the hearld of the Saint Louis and San Franciso Railroad, AKA the FRISCO line. If you have any doubt it is called the coonskin, read this documentation. It is also the name and emblem of the city in Texas where I live.

What I did here was take the business card a fireman from the City of Frisco, Texas gave us after we had our lightning strike (and fire) back in 2009. I put the card in my scanner and turned it into a digital image. From there I put the image into Vectric's Aspire software where I converted the graphic into vector graphics.

One picture was created by the software showing exactly what the logo will look like when it is cut on a CNC router machine. The real parts have not been made but the picture looks very real. The other pictures shows two examples of the final parts and includes the business card from which they were designed.

Of course now the coonskin can be carved in any size my machine can handle.


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